Welcome to the Ultimate Female Robots website.

This blog is all about female robots and the subject of human-like robotic, android women or fembots as they evolve.
The female robot theme is a popular theme in digital art (vector art, 3d render & photography) and has also been used in a number of product commercials & in many science-fiction movies.

In recent years female robots became even more fashionable as they sprang up in the costumes of major pop artists, in their music videos, concerts and appearances. While female robots are a great fantasy theme, the evolution of robotics is perhaps even more fascinating.  Robots are becoming more capable and intelligents while their appearance can be almost lifelike. Will we be surrounded by robots in the not too distant future? will they remain under human control?

Hope you’ll enjoy!

male robot chasing woman

male robot chasing woman

sexy female robot

sexy robot holding weapon