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PostHeaderIcon human model robot for the cat-walk

Walking female robot designed to be a model on the cat-walk.

The HRP-4C is a humanoid robot created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and publicly demonstrated in March 2009.  She is 158cm tall and weighs 43kg including battery. She  is capable of voice recognition and speech synthesis.

The walk does not quite match real top models but it’s a work in progress.
Her face is adorable though and she can express a range of feelings.

More info and pictures about HRP-4C is available on the official website of the the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology:

PostHeaderIcon Superb facial expression robotic on humanoid head

The guys from Hanson Robotic did this – her name is Alice, pretty convincing!

PostHeaderIcon Simuloid Human Robot goes to the dentist

Check these eyes…

PostHeaderIcon Friendly Japanese life like robot – Actroid

Friendly Japanese Actroid – 2006 show

PostHeaderIcon Compilation of the latest human-like fembots

Nice compilation of the latest female robots – with great music from Wave in Head