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PostHeaderIcon Erica Japanese Receptionist Robot and the Robot Hotel

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro’s latest creation is the lovely Erica, a dedicated receptionist, administrator and personal assistant.
Much more attractive than his previous creation (an identical twin of himself)

Not sure who is the most creepy on this video, the inventor or the reporter – Erica is just great!

Interesting 15 minute documentary about a stay at the Japanese Robot hotel in Japan, entirely ran by robots. Is this the future for the tourism industry?
Henn-na Hotel is the brainchld of CEO Hideo Sawada.

PostHeaderIcon Spy in the Wild Amazing Animal Robots

Dont’ miss the superb documentaries “Spy in the Wild” using robots animal lookalike to get a unique close-up filming angle on animal behaviour. The results are astonishing and allowed the team to film behaviour never seen before.


Teaser trailers below:


Link to watch online:

PostHeaderIcon Human Robots express emotions with facial expressions

Human robots are becoming more and more fascinating as robotics evolves.

Below is a selection of the best videos showing human facial expressions.
Some of these human robots may make you feel slightly uncomfortable.

This feeling is called the “uncanny valley” which occurs when a human like robot is over realistic and causes a revulsion reaction for the observer. (identify by japanese roboticist expert Masahiro Mori in 1970). This theory does not only  apply to human robots but also (to a degree) to stuffed animals and corpses and very realistic 3d models.

Nevertheless the below footage is estonishing and gives an insight in the progress in human robotics and how realistic the result can be. It’s also interesting to appreciate the complexity of facial muscle movements to show various expressions. This is a well-known challenge in 3d animation which is only overcome in big production movies.

Videos of human robots with animated facial expressions

Human Robots – starting with female robot Alice & and male robot Jules by Hanson Robotics

Japon robot child – Robot cb2 cocuk

MIT’s Nexi MDS Robot: First Test of facial Expression

Animatronics Human Head / Movie Industry

PostHeaderIcon human model robot for the cat-walk

Walking female robot designed to be a model on the cat-walk.

The HRP-4C is a humanoid robot created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and publicly demonstrated in March 2009.  She is 158cm tall and weighs 43kg including battery. She  is capable of voice recognition and speech synthesis.

The walk does not quite match real top models but it’s a work in progress.
Her face is adorable though and she can express a range of feelings.

More info and pictures about HRP-4C is available on the official website of the the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology:

PostHeaderIcon Superb facial expression robotic on humanoid head

The guys from Hanson Robotic did this – her name is Alice, pretty convincing!

PostHeaderIcon Simuloid Human Robot goes to the dentist

Check these eyes…

PostHeaderIcon Friendly Japanese life like robot – Actroid

Friendly Japanese Actroid – 2006 show

PostHeaderIcon Compilation of the latest human-like fembots

Nice compilation of the latest female robots – with great music from Wave in Head