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PostHeaderIcon Sexy Female Robots Images Revealed

The sexy female robots probably originated from the Metropolis movie by Fritz Lang in 1926 and was further developped with erotic artwork from Hajime  Sorayama in the 70’s onwards with a range of fantasy illustrations dominated by pin-ups and perhaps most well-known for the sexy female robots and gynoids (part robot, part human). Sorayama’s work Sexy Robot was published by Genko-sha in 1983 and gained worldwide success.  Sorayama was using traditional techniques such as brush, pencil, acrylic paint and final airbrushing.

Today digital art software has replaced the old airbrush tool for most contemporary illustrators that have embraced the sci-fi theme of the sexy female robots but still holds a ressemblance with Sorayama’s work who is no doubt a source of inspiration. Last month we featured Victor Habbick sexy robots, below is a selection from other artists showcasing some of the sexiest female robots in digital art:

Please scroll down for images, video and links about the iconic Hajime Sorayama.

Sexy Female Robot with Gun - Digital Art

Sexy Female Robot with Gun – Digital Art

A sexy shiny female robot ready to fire her weapon – Digital artwork from artist Lee Reitz

Sexy Female Robot with High Heels full body

Sexy Female Robot with High Heels full body

variation of a super sexy shiny silver robot wearing stiletto heals from artist Andreas Meyer.

sexy robot image

sexy robot image

Digital Artwork from Ralf Juergen Kraft

Some of Hajime Sorayama’s prints and limited editions have been compiled into books, these can be hard to come by but are sometime still available on amazon through resellers.

 GYNOIDS - sexy robots books by sorayama

GYNOIDS – sexy robots books by sorayama

In this short video you can have a sneaky look at Sorayama’s artist  studio where it all happens!
You can purchase the full video revealing some of Sorayam’s secret technique from the official website sorayama dvd secrets revealed.

(this video includes erotic content)

Websites about the japanese artist Hajime Sorayama:

The Sorayama robot t-shirt can be puchase here:

PostHeaderIcon Sexy Robots Digital Art

The sexy robot theme is a gold mine for digital artists to showcase stunning digital effects & stimulate their creative mind. Victor Habbick has been an avid artist and photographer for over 30 years & is sharing with us his extraordinary robot creations.

Maria Robotic Gorgone

Maria - the Robotic Gorgone

Despite adversity Victor followed his dreams and after studying at Design College in the 70’s, he embraced a career in architectural drawing, advertising and graphic design, constantly evolving his techniques with the advance of computer technology.

He later started his own business Victor Habbick Visions where his Photography and Digital Artwork fusioned.



Question: “Is there any special meaning behind “Creation” or is it just left to everyone’s imagination?”
Victor: “Ah ha. I have been asked that a few times. The shot is all symbolic in a surreal fashion but basically it’s the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the next phase is life on Earth! make of that what you will! Robots is one of these areas that for many, including myself, has always been an area wide open to interpretation and when you add the female into the mix its that  bit more of a challenge.

Androgynous Android

Androgynous Android

Victor has now an international client list and has been published in numerous books, magazines & exhibitions and  has also extended his work to stock photography. He comments: “This has enabled me to indulge in my first love for the surreal and fantastic imagery that first caught my attention in my youth and has stayed with me throughout life.”
His portfolio is vast & varied over and beyond the sexy robot theme.

PostHeaderIcon RobotSkin Philips Commercial

This stunning advert has been directed by Bruno Aveillan and produced at Short Films, London. Director of photography: Philippe Le Sourd.

The creative agency is: DDB, London. Creative director: Stuart Buckley. Creatives: Mark Thompson, Dave Newbold.

The robot was designed by Stephane Levallois and realized in the Spadaccini atelier.

ExVoto and Wizz added the necessary CGI cosmetic improvements. Editor: Fred Olszak.
After Effects and logos are by Rushes.

PostHeaderIcon Compilation of the latest human-like fembots

Nice compilation of the latest female robots – with great music from Wave in Head