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PostHeaderIcon Ghost in the Shell in 3D

Ghost in the shell started as a manga novel (created by Masamune Shirow in 1989), its huge success lead to the production of  animated films, anime series, video games and novels, and is said to have inspired the Matrix. It focuses on the activities of the counter terrorist organization Public Security Section 9 in a futuristic Japan (year 2034) specialized in fighting technology related crime. the heroin is a female cyborg named Motoko Kusanagi, she has superhuman / bionic powers thanks to her mechanical body; only her brain and a segment of her spinal cord remain organic, the rest of her body is synthetic. This character has been a great source of inspiration for digital artists working on the female robot theme. Motoko is also following a quest for existential meaning. Dreamworks has secured the rights to adapt Ghost in the Shell, set to be produced by Stephen Spielberg and released in 2011 as a live-action movie in 3D – More info about Ghost in the Shell on Wiki  Ghost in the Shell >> and about the cyborg character Motoko Kusanagi >>

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the shell trailer –

available in HD 1080

Ghost in the Shell Official Website >>

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and the weird stuff:
Ghost in the Shell body painting costume >>

PostHeaderIcon Robot woman fighter animation 3dmax

Nice short animation movie made in 3dmax and After Effects

A woman / ninja fighter in a robot costume enters the “training room” and must fight against two big robots.
We enjoyed the varied camera angles, slow motion animation combined with music.
Nice body work, running on walls like spiderman & dodging bullets aerobics in a matrix-like fashion.

Art-work, Modelling & Special Effects from Rappa (Raphael Pinas) based in Amsterdam
with thanks to: 3d palace / 3dbuzz /3dtotal /videocopilot.

PostHeaderIcon Fighter Female Robot

Fighter female robot – design from Dark Geometry Studios.

female fighter robot

female fighter robot

PostHeaderIcon Cyborg Woman fighting back

Watch out! – Artwork by Dark Geometry Studios