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  • Ghost in the Shell in 3D

    Ghost in the shell started as a manga novel (created by Masamune Shirow in 1989), its huge success lead to the production of  animated films, anime series, video games and novels, and is said to have inspired the Matrix. It focuses on the activities of the counter terrorist organization Public Security Section 9 in a…

  • Robot woman fighter animation 3dmax

    Nice short animation movie made in 3dmax and After Effects A woman / ninja fighter in a robot costume enters the “training room” and must fight against two big robots. We enjoyed the varied camera angles, slow motion animation combined with music. Nice body work, running on walls like spiderman & dodging bullets aerobics in…

  • Sexy Robots Digital Art

    The sexy robot theme is a gold mine for digital artists to showcase stunning digital effects & stimulate their creative mind. Victor Habbick has been an avid artist and photographer for over 30 years & is sharing with us his extraordinary robot creations. Despite adversity Victor followed his dreams and after studying at Design College…

  • Beyonce Robot Video, Humanoid Lady Gaga, Kylie Robot

    There is a clear trend for Pop Divas going robotics as Beyonce is transformed into a sexy robot at the BET Awards and in her 2009 Concert.  This robot suit is different from the vintage golden robot bodysuit she wore in Sweet Dreams. Here is a great fashion link to find out more about the…

  • How to turn a woman into a humanoid female

    Full on Photoshop tutorial to change a woman into a humanoid female with lots of Photoshop tips and step by step photographs. http://www.expertphotoshop.com/photo-effects/the-making-of-a-humanoid/

  • human model robot for the cat-walk

    Walking female robot designed to be a model on the cat-walk. The HRP-4C is a humanoid robot created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and publicly demonstrated in March 2009.  She is 158cm tall and weighs 43kg including battery. She  is capable of voice recognition and speech synthesis. The walk does…

  • Fighter Female Robot

    Fighter female robot – design from Dark Geometry Studios.

  • Evolution of Technology – Saturn Commercial

    The evolution of robots from the stone-age onwards

  • Bicentennial Man Trailer

  • Cyborg Woman fighting back

    Watch out! – Artwork by Dark Geometry Studios

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