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There is a clear trend for Pop Divas going robotics as Beyonce is transformed into a sexy robot at the BET Awards and in her 2009 Concert.  This robot suit is different from the vintage golden robot bodysuit she wore in Sweet Dreams. Here is a great fashion link to find out more about the origin of some of the Robot costumes worn by Beyonce in Sweet Dreams and Lady Gaga in Paparazzi. more info >>

These creations originated from the Cat-walk, designed by the reknown fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Lady Gaga’s outfit was previously worn by Emma Sjoberg in George Michael’s music video Too Funky Beyonce’s vintage robot outfit in Sweet Dreams was first worn by Nadja Auermann in 1995. Beyonce emerging from a robot shell opening electronically at the BET Awards has raised criticism for its ressemblance with Kylie’s World Tour for her concert Fever. Ironically, both stage show have no doubt found inspiration from the movie Metropolis filmed before you were born,  in 1926!

Sexy Robot Divas

Sexy Robot Divas

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Below is yet another version of the Beyonce Robot – Easy Tiger!!!

A similar concept was used for the Kylie concert Fever. Kylie emerges from a robot suit “shell”.